Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Stencil Design - your preference?

I've just started working on a stencil design of one of my sisters. (She doesn't know yet, and I don't know whether she'll be pleased or mortified to be immortalized in spray-paint.)  

I've got two designs that I've done some rough work on, but I'm not sure which one I like the most. 

Here are the original photos:

The first is of my sister holding our nephew, and in the other she's with our dad.

I put them through a few filters in Photoshop (changing them to black and white, and mucking around with the contrast) until I got something that looks stencil-like. 

Here's the first one.  (With dad cut out - I'm fairly sure he wouldn't like the spray-paint treatment!) I've done about an hour's work on this, and it's still pretty rough - but I think it's got potential.  I really like the hair, and I've changed the way her shoulders slant, putting the LH shoulder higher, to give her a more relaxed, spontaneous look.  (Amazing how just a few little strokes can change the overall look.)

The other design is still very basic, not even a proper stencil yet, just a black and white photo.  But, I can see it would probably come out ok, because my sister's face has some strong lines in it, and I also like the overall shape - an adult, wrapped around and looking over, a child.

So, I'll just keep playing around with these two and let you know what happens.  I'm thinking of spraying it in bright green - just for something a bit different.  Love to know what you think!  Which picture appeals to you more?


  1. I think it's hard to choose because they're both so different in mood. Your sister has a beautiful profile and the second picture is a lovely composition. But in the one by herself she looks so happy. My vote: do both!

  2. Thanks for this feedback - you're right - they are so different. I also like the composition in the second one. I think I'll keep working on them an see...not sure I have energy for both, but who knows!

    thanks so much for commenting.

  3. After I wrote, I realised doing both would be a significant investment of functional time and possibly not an option. But they're both lovely in different ways so you can't go wrong, either will be gorgeous.

  4. No worries - thanks for the reassurance! I could probably do both...over the next year! ha ha

  5. I like the profile shot but I would delete all the other parts of the image and just do the head profile. I think it has more impact.

  6. hmmm...an interesting suggestion, I will play around with that. thanks!